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Manufacturing and maintenance of ocular prostheses in Montréal and Ottawa


How do we manufacture ocular prostheses in Montréal and Ottawa? Modern plastics allow us to manufacture and adjust comfortable and natural-looking eye prostheses. Our manufacturing method and expertise have made our reputation throughout Quebec and Ontario.

You will first find yourself in a private room with the ocularist who will take measurements and reproduce the colour of the iris in order to imitate your eye and offer you a result as natural as possible.

During the day, we will release you a few times for about an hour each.

In the meantime, we will manufacture the eye from the measurements. When the laboratory steps are completed, we make the necessary final adjustments. At that time, we will be able to evaluate the color, fit and comfort of the ocular prosthesis.

Make an appointment for an ocular prosthesis manufacturing and fitting consultation in Montréal and Ottawa.


As a general rule, patients very rarely remove their artificial eyes. When they do, it is usually only to clean it and put it back on immediately.

The ocular prosthesis is usually worn 24 hours a day.

However, if you wear a shell or scleral lens, you may not be able to wear it 24 hours a day and may have to remove it at night. Simply store it in a clean container with a lid, in a solution for rigid contact lenses, and rinse it thoroughly before reinsertion.

Never use rubbing alcohol or other liquid disinfectants; it will damage the ocular prosthesis.

However, patients with symptoms of dry eyes can use, without removing the ocular prosthesis, artificial tears in the form of drops or over-the-counter gel available in pharmacies, a more viscous lubricant, such as mineral oil, vitamin E oil, a mixture of the two or even more specific lubricants designed for ocular prostheses, such as OcuGlide™, Sil-Ophtho and Tears Again, from the United States.

An annual appointment with the ocularist is recommended. This visit eliminates protein deposits that form on the surface of the prosthesis. These deposits can irritate the conjunctiva of the upper eyelid and cause discomfort and secretions. The renewal of an ocular prosthesis is recommended after about five years. This is due in particular to changes in the orbital cavity, as well as to the deterioration of the plastic. An annual check-up by the ophthalmologist and ocularist is intended to ensure that the patient is comfortable and has a desirable aesthetic appearance. Browse our Frequently Asked Questions about ocular prostheses in Montréal and Ottawa.

Do you have a problem with your ocular prosthesis?

Take over your own hands right away: at Oculariste Marie-France Clermont clinics (Montreal and Ottawa), we can help you.


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